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As many local property owners and fellow North Carolina residents will corroborate, the first and lasting impression a person receives when visiting a particular property is greatly influenced by the exterior elements, landscaping, and masonry-related features that typically adorn the outside of said property. Whether it’s a tasteful array of boulders and river rocks to embody a refined ambiance of a desert landscaping terrain or if it’s implementing a display of tinted gravel to provide accentuation to a property’s exterior, the need for reliable landscaping inventory as well as delivery of masonry materials remains constant and paramount. To that effect, our company, L & W Sand & Stone Inc, has been one of the leading providers (delivery & inventory-based) of masonry materials, landscaping supplies, and hardscape components that are diverse enough to suit most any need.


How We Can Help With Local Landscape Delivery Needs

For over half of a century, we’ve remained staunch as a local resource here in North Carolina for landscaping elements; such as boulders, (crushed/pulverized) rock, blocks, bricks, veneer stone, and concrete supplies. We’ve embraced the importance of prompt, proficient, and professional coverage when it concerns the many aspects that are essential to maximizing a property’s exterior potential. Offering punctual delivery times, insightful project feedback, an ever-adaptable inventory, and convenient scheduling options, it’s quite easy to see why many of our valued North Carolina patrons not only use our coverage over multiple projects but refer our industry expertise to their friends & family as well.



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